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“Combining the latest technology and old fashioned values to raise the standard in the Chiropractic profession”  Atlas is all about… RESULTS!

Welcome to an office that prides itself on its referrals from the local medical community.   With over 2,700 referrals from local medical physicians since 1997, the expression “MDs don’t refer to Chiropractors” no longer applies!  ANY referral is – A transfer of TRUST.  You have over 200 chiropractors to choose from in the local Charlotte region.  Imagine an office that provides the latest – science based – technology, straight honest answers, and works closely with your medical providers to maximize your potential to heal.  Imagine having your situation EXPLAINED in a way – you – understand with realistic goals outlined and accomplished with the integrity to tell you when we’ve done all we can.  Remember when old- fashioned work ethic and integrity mattered… Welcome to Atlas Health & Wellness!

Our office provides a variety of treatment options and understands that no two patients are the same.  You will have a thorough exam – emphasis on – a thorough functional biomechanical assessment that will leave you saying…”Why didn’t my regular doctor, my orthopedist…etc, evaluate me this way??”  We will present realistic care plans, sensible costs for your care, and do our best to maintain our reputation for RESULTS!  We’re here to help you reach your peak potential!  My favorite aspect of practice since 1997 is meeting a skeptical patient who has tried numerous other doctors – of all kinds – over the past couple years, and still improve their condition more than anyone else has.  Situations like these are literally what built our practice over the years.

As far as I am aware, ours is the only office with the combination of the following technologies in the same office:  Atlas Orthogonal Technique, Alpha Stim Technology, Erchonia Cold Lasers, Sigma Instrument Methods, Computerized lumbar decompression, Rapid Release motion based muscle release techniques.  Other means and methods are used of course; however, please know that no two patients are treated the same.

“How did I get this way doc?” – I’ll give you my own personal example:  I’m washing my own hair, tilt my head back and within two minutes, I couldn’t move my neck at all.  It was November 2013, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought that shower “did me in”.  What that was, was “the straw that broke the camels back”.  I was rear ended in 1994 by a Ford 250 that was doing 50+ mph and my head was turned to the left 80 degrees at the time of impact.  I made a great recovery after three months of great chiropractic care, however my occupation requires that I lean left with my left arm up “kinking my head to the left” as I work with patients….What I’m saying…is – I UNDERSTAND!  Many patients we encounter have had something happen many years ago , and over time, their bodies adapt and compensate over – years!  I tell my patients that we only treat TWO THINGS: “GRAVITY AND BIRTHDAYS”!  Sooner or later, past injuries degenerate to the point they start producing SYMPTOMS.  Symptoms are what “Western Medicine” is all about.  Symptom SUPPRESSION via medication is their means of treating you.

When you are ready to address your BIOMECANICAL problems by improving the dysfunctional biomechanics….  Call our office and we’ll put together a realistic plan for you and – “Make the most of what you have to work with”  If we think we can help you, we will tell you, if we do not, we will tell you that also.

Reduce Pain ~ Maximize Function ~ Empower the patient by educating them on — what not to do, what to change, what to do to self manage – as much as they can control in their busy lives.


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